Member Services

The Nar-Anon service structure is in-place to support the groups, members and ultimately the newcomer to Nar-Anon.

Concept One suggests, "To fulfill our fellowship's primary purpose, the Nar-Anon Family Groups have joined together to create a structure that develops, coordinates, and maintains services on behalf of Nar-Anon as a whole." We, as a group, support the service structure through our group donations and taking on service commitments at the area-level and beyond. The service structure in turn provides member services such as guidelines, literature, newsletters, conventions and much more.


NEED Literature?

Suggestions For The Group - Preparing to order literature can involve the entire group. The treasurer and or secretary can help develop a schedule for placing orders that considers the groups funds. The Group Service Representative (GSR) and members involved in service might suggest material they need to have available. Some groups may wish to place orders together to help the group take advantage of the book discounts. If you would like to place SESH book orders with another group please send an email to


The order Literature Order form is attached below. You can also purchase literature directly from the official webstore for all Nar-Anon literature by following the link

Literature Order Form