The High Desert Region of Nar-Anon Family Groups holds a Regional Assembly four times a year on the second Sunday of January, April, July, and October to transact the business of the region, plan for region events, and provide resources for meetings and functions. The High Desert Regional Guidelines can be viewed by clicking on the link and a pdf version will be provided in a new browser window.

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The next Regional Assembly is on Sunday, October 11, 2015. The Assembly is held in the conference room at the Acuity building on the corner of Charleston and Buffalo between 1-3pm.

The Regional Assembly is open to all interested members.

July 2015 Assembly Documents (PDF)

Take Back to Meeting

Group Service Representatives (GSRs), linked below is the "Take Back to Meetings" announcements for you to make in your meetings. You may choose to spread these announcements over several meetings so as not to take too much time in any single meeting. Some items may better be addressed in your business meetings.